Fabio Scano, Lecturer

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Coordinator of Disease Control and Pharmaceuticals at World Health Organization Country Office China

Dr. Fabio Scano is a public health specialist and holds a M.D. from University of Padua, Italy; a post graduate degree in Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine; and he is a Yale World Fellow.

Dr. Scano has been working for the World Health Organization (WHO) for over a decade and, he took up many important assignments with WHO Headquarters in Geneva and in the field including South Africa to assist the country with the outbreak of XDR-TB in 2007.

Since 2013, Dr. Scano is Coordinator, Disease Control and Pharmaceuticals at WHO Country Office China. He is responsible for overall coordination of communicable diseases team (HIV, TB, Malaria, immunization program) and non-communicable diseases (with a focus on tobacco control, road safety, healthy cities and NCDs) with a focus on the interface with the ongoing health reform.

Dr. Scano is also working with China Food and Drug Administration to ensure access to quality assured health commodities.


施南博士是一名公共卫生专家。他拥有意大利帕多瓦大学的医学博士学位,并拥有传染病与热带医学研究生学位,他还曾参加“耶鲁世界学者” 进修项目。