Jian Yi, Career Panelist

Jian Yi's picture
Filmmaker & Cultural Activist

JIAN Yi (简艺) is an independent filmmaker and cultural activist.  He’s a 2009 Yale World Fellow, and was an India-China Fellow with the New School, an Asian Cultural Council art grantee, a visiting fellow at Cambridge University.  Jian Yi’s films have won international awards and have been shown around the globe at film festivals, art museums, campuses, including New York’s MoMA and Yale.  In 2009, he founded IFChina Original Studio at Mt. Jinggangshan region to collect social memories from ordinary citizens.  Jian Yi taught at the Communication University of China for five years and worked for a European Union program for three.  He has produced works for Apple, the Goethe Institute, the Carter Center, Conde Nast Traveler, etc. and has spoken at university campuses, Apple Store art talks and museum series.  Jian graduated from the Communication University of China and the University of Notre Dame.  He and his wife live with their two and half year old son.