Semhal Tsegaye

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YC ‘16 B.A. Political Science with a concentration in International Relations

Semhal is a recent graduate of Yale College currently residing in Amman, Jordan, where she studies Arabic and is developing a photography workshop for Syrian and Iraqi refugee youth. Semhal is passionate about increasing access to education for youth residing in or fleeing conflict-affected areas, as well as documenting stories through visual media. During her time at Yale, Semhal focused her studies on issues regarding civil conflict, migration, and documentary photography and filmmaking. She participated in a variety of organizations including the Yale Undergraduate Association for African Peace and Development, Yale Refugee Project, The Globalist, and Yale UNICEF. Semhal also worked with the Yale Office of New Haven and State Affairs as a Journalism Mentor for a student newspaper at East Rock School. She is very much looking forward to being part of the community at Yale Young Global Scholars-Beijing.